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Homemade Adult Can of Worms Costume Made Easy!

I decided to go as a Can of Worms for Halloween. To get started you will need 3 to 4 pairs of panty hose, two hula hoops, silver material, white and black paint, googly eyes, stuffing and rope. First cut the legs off of the panty hose and then stuff them with pillow stuffing and tie the ends off. Glue eyes on each worms. Get 2 yards of grey material and glue them on each hula hoop, forming a tube. Then write Can of worms on the front with paint.

To wear it, get rope or bungee cords and hook them on opposite sides of the hula hoop, these should go over your shoulders. I wore a bored shirt and brown socks with eye balls on my hands. I made a hat out of round cardboard spray painted grey and glued on a headband.

Everyone loved it! I got tons of compliments and lots of pictures. However its hard to sit in.. but making the bungee cords was an easy fix to step out of. Hardest part is separating the worms and gluing them on the hula hoop. For balance you will probably need to glue them all around or put weights on the edge of the hula hoop. If you want extra worms reality… you can spray paint them brown with ribs.. this will also help in keeping the worms from fraying.

I loved my costume! I have let others borrow it as well. In all it took about 4 days to make with me stopping in between time so I wouldn’t get annoyed with it and to let paint dry etc.

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