Coolest Homemade Bucket of Fishing Worms Costume

My 9 year old son loves to fish so we came up with a Bucket of Fishing Worms Costume for his Halloween costume. I bought a plastic trash can and cut the bottom out of it. I wrote on the trash can with permanent marker. I bought a piece of brown cloth to look like dirt and sewed stuffed nylons to it. I stuffed the nylons with pillow stuffing. I stapled the cloth to the trash can and cut a hole in the middle for his head. I screwed handled to each inside bottom so he could carry the costume. I screwed a stripped branch to the inside of the trash can and stuck it out a hole next to the edge of the cloth.

I tied fishing line on the branch and put a sinker and bobber on it. I sewed fishing lures and bobbers to his hat. For his face to look like dirt I mixed brown and black makeup and rubbed it in his face.

Homemade Bucket of Fishing Worms Costume