This Homemade Can of Worms Costume was one of my many costumes this year. To begin I bought 2 hula hoops and 2 yards of grey velvet material. I hot glued the material to each hula hoop and then glued it together. I made two straps out of just plain ribbon. I then started on the worms which are just panty hose. I cut the legs off, stuffed with batting and then tied shut. I then hot glued the mouths shut and then googly eye balls on. I then hot glued all the worms on (to make the worms more brown, I spray painted them a little and also it helps so that if there is a rip, it wont matter).

I mistakenly painted the “Can of worms” later on and I should have done that beforehand since it bled though. Luckily I put card board underneath. I then made my hat out of a piece of cardboard I painted grey then hot glued it to a headband. A trick to doing all this was to suspend the costume from my garage with bunge cords (which also could have served as the straps). I also accessorized with brown socks (googley eyes glued on) and a brown shirt. I will say the front was a little top heavy from the worms, so I ended up gluing washers on a piece of ribbon and stuck it on the back side to even the weight.

WAAALA! You have a Can O’ Worms!