Headless Man Costume

I made the headless man costume for my husband adding the twist of carrying his own head. I surfed the net for different ideals and roomed the dollar store for materials.

How it came together.

I took a rectangular potter for the shoulders. Screwed three thin strips (length of your back) of baseboard (scrap pieces from hardware store) to the planter. Bought a large trench to go over the shoulders I made. Glued hands to the sleeves. Cut a foam ball to create the fleshed neck illusion adding fake blood leaving the the middle white to look like a bone and attached the neck to the collar of the trench coat.

The shoulders were secured with a weight brace which we had, leaving the planter slightly above the head. Placed the trench over the planter, buttoned up leaving only his head out, then taped the hands to top and bottom of head using two-sided tape. Very easy and cheap. Materials cost $10, trench $10.  If I had instructions like this I could have put it together in 30 minutes. But trial and error, ya 2 days.  I don’t have a knack for creativity but I pulled through :)

The Party!

Oh and yes we did win a prize for my creation. We had everyone lovin’ his costume. I just loved the illusion it gave. I must say, I was pretty proud of myself  :)

Headless Man Costume

Headless Man Costume

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