I have ALWAYS made my Halloween costumes, my mom made them when I was little and I have made them every year since. Around September, I decide I need to really get a head start on my costume- and around October 25th I am ALWAYS in a panic and decide that I need to get going on an idea soon.

But every year I would have a great costume without fail. Well, this year I was blessed with twin baby girls in February. Let’s just say my life got pretty hectic. I decided I was going to just call it a day and I bought the girls a cat and dog outfit to wear. The weekend before Halloween we went to a party and my husband and I went as ghosts, just a sheet over our heads, pathetic. As I was cutting uneven eye-holes in a twin off white sheet, I decided this was NOT the precedent I would set for my girls. After complaining to my sister, she gave me this idea that she had seen on the internet. That day I went to the fabric store, got some wool fabric on sale, some felt, and puff paint. The next step was finding time to do this. I worked the next few days at nap time and throughout the few remaining nights. With the help of my sister and LOTS of staples and zip-ties later, Harry and Lloyd and their sheepdog was finished. I think the costume was a disappointment to some of the relatives who were expecting a cute little puppy dog and kitty, but I couldn’t be happier with the end result. I hope my girls will appreciate it and keep the homemade costume tradition going for years to come!