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Garden and insect costumes are so brilliant. Think of everything you love about the outdoors just without the dirt, slime and creepy crawlies. Truly, the homemade costumes featured in this impressive collection will stun you with their beauty.

One extremely popular costume choice in this section are lovely butterfly costumes. Especially noteworthy are the awesome glow-in-the-dark wings people have made here. They have kindly shared their DIY costume secrets so you can try them at home.

Of course, no garden would be complete without a scarecrow. The scarecrow costumes here are more than just clothes stuffed hay. It’s amazing to see the unique and artistic takes on each one. In addition, you will find spiders and spider webs, snails and even praying mantises.

Even more ideas include flowers, trees and garden ornaments. Enjoy this rustic inspired DIY costume section, and connect to your wilder, natural side!

(By the way, if you’re also into real gardening and not just “costume gardening”, take a look at these cool balcony gardens…)

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Featured Garden and Insect Halloween Costume Ideas

Funny Chia Head and Chia Pet Costume for a Couple

Cool Chia Head and Chia Pet Costume for a Couple

I wanted to create a couple’s costume for my husband Philip and myself that was different and funny – here’s our Chia head and Chia Pet costume. Plus…who doesn’t love 80’s nostalgia. I started off by making the Chia head. Then I spray painted a bald cap green with paint I already had. I bought a bald cap for $5 and two artificial vines from the craft store 2x $8 with my coupon. Read more »

Coolest DIY Snail Halloween Costume With Slime Trail

My 4 kids have always loved building and creating things, especially my youngest. Halloween has long been her favorite holiday.  We get to build, paint and sew her costume (which then become part of the ever growing dress-up collection). This last year has seen her develop an obsession with snails. She builds homes for them, feeds them, etc. She even competes with her brothers to see how many she can stick on her face! Read more »