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Coolest Homemade Bride Greta Gremlin Costume

Okay, must say Greta Gremlin costume came to mind during Covid, having to stay home more, working remotely, this costume was my therapy and distraction from all the craziness. I needed something epic to wear, something fun and amazing to make everyone smile. Gremlins, who doesn’t love Gremlins?

You people out there are so talented, you inspire and teach us how to do just about anything, all we have to do is Google it and then give it a go and see what happens.

This costume involved learning to sculpt with clay, covering that with plaster of Paris. It turns into a negative mold, which you add layer by layer of liquid mask latex to. It’s a heart-stopping moment when you finally wait for 10 to 15 layers of that to dry overnight. You then dust it down with baby powder and lift it from the mold, OMG It worked.

I made 2 more of them just for fun. It’s a hoot to do. I did not want to mess with glues and paints to wear this costume on the day, so I glued her face to a green hood and made eyes out of white plastic from a cup and some kids foam. I added some lashes, and now Greta was looking back at me. Wow… Now the ears.

For the ears I used Eva foam, and foam clay – who knew?? Stick them together with liquid cement, attach to a headband and we got some big ears. Hands… okay cheated a little here. I tried to attach those witch fingers onto some green gloves and then wrapped the whole hand with tape. It looked really good… Until I tried to get it off.. (Let your imagination roll on that one). So Amazon to the rescue with some witch gloves that needed some painting magic.

I also had to learn all about what paint sticks to this latex, how to seal it, etc.. Very interesting and educational at the same time.

Now this is where I had some major goofs with the Greta Gremlin costume. Besides the ears, got her face, ears and gloves painted up, she started to really come alive, but the sealer peeled off like a bad sunburn… “Shhhhooot.. “ had to sit for ages (mostly with work phone calls,) peeling it all off. Did you know different sealers have different chemical reactions Hmmm, once again a lesson to be learned. Water based polyurethane worked like a charm in the end.

I should mention that me and my besties were heading to Vegas for Halloween weekend to celebrate a birthday. Soooo they had to become part of this in a big way. We came up with the idea that Bride Greta needs Bridesmaids… yah yah yah!

We had fun getting our masks on, finally getting out together shopping to see what sort of dresses they would feel comfortable in. It took a few stores, but they found something they both liked and I could not beat the price on them either. They just needed a little something on them to make them a little bit more like the 80’s… Ruffle.. I can see a ruffle… (What did I just get myself into… )

To the sewing Machine… Oh I needed sleeves for the wedding dress too.. Don’t forget to make the bouquets, and of course make something for their hair… Veil. Oops what’s a bride with out a veil. I need a little help. Time is getting short.

I went to a consignment store and found a 2 layer veil with some small flowers. I was telling them what it was for. They said they could make my sleeves for me… Sweet. I took measurements and knew I wanted big puffy sleeves. They will be ready for pick on Thursday and we leave on Friday. The lovely people there called Sent my hubby to pick them up, but didn’t have the heart to tell them, they did not fit.. Arrrgh. Sooo that night I was up till 1am making bigger sleeves adding more layers and flowers to the veil, adding combs so the headpiece will stay on, etc…

Believe it or not, all of this was so much fun to do. The ups and downs, the mess I left my poor husband with when we went to the airport… To see my girls all dressed up, looking stunning, the fun we had getting together and laughing till we cried.

Greta came alive again in so many ways, she was just what we needed. So here is my Amazing Greta Gremlin costume. Hope you are smiling right now too.. Toodles!!!!

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