Green Eggs and Ham Costume

My son’s favorite book is Green Eggs and Ham. His name happens to be Sam so he decided he wanted to be Sam-I-am. I thought it would be easy to find the costume on-line to buy. No such luck. I decided to make it.

I sewed the yellow fabric and cut the frills at the bottom. For the tray I bought a silver tray and used green and white modeling clay to make the green eggs and ham. The hat was bought on eBay. It was a limited release years ago from Warner Brothers.

My daughter dressed up as The Cat in the Hat to go along with the theme. We were stopped every two minutes to pose for pictures.

Total Spent: $35

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10 thoughts on “Green Eggs and Ham Costume”

  1. How did you create the green eggs and Ham on the plate? I’m a preschool teach and I would love to learn how make your costume

  2. Your idea is great, and so easy to make. This was my first time ever making a costume. My son loved it, and I enjoyed making it. More will follow.

  3. this photo has to be removed as its is a copyrighted image from my book green eggs and ham. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa just kidding! its amazing

  4. great idea. Our school is putting on a skit for K4 and K5 students. we will be serving green eggs and ham to the students( we put a little a green food coloring in the eggs) I’m playing Sam. so I will me making my costume and hat just a u did to save money. Keep up the good work. Sewing is so much fun.


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