Great Homemade Costume Idea: Make a Book Worm Costume!

I made my 18 month old son, Oliver, a Book Worm costume this year for Halloween! I started by making a hoodie from green fleece, and added a big black bow tie to the front of that hoodie from felt. Then made matching green fleece pants. I had to use to learn how to even make both the hoodie and the pants, since it was my first time ever making either.

I also hand sewed everything, because I don’t own a sewing machine. Then, I made a “book” that sits on his lap that makes it look like he is coming out of the book  (I measured and made it to fit him while he’s in his stroller for trick or treating too.) I bought and used this funky green colored foam from Joanne Fabrics. It’s cut sort of like it’s hugging him. It was a small rectangle that I cut half a circle off of one side.

Then, with my hot glue gun I covered it in felt. I cut out the letters for “Dictionary” out of white felt, and hot glue those on also. I also glued a ribbon on top to look like a bookmark. Lastly, I made the big black round glasses from just pipe cleaners and black felt glue over it.