I enjoy being people who I admire for Halloween. Last year I was Freddie Mercury and the year before, I was Michael Jackson. When it came this year, I wanted to be a little more flashy. That’s when David Bowie’s alter ego came to mind. So, I decided to go with a Ziggy Stardust costume. It doesn’t get more flashy and fabulous than that.

There are not really any Ziggy Stardust pre-made costumes, so I had to start from scratch. I purchased a blue unitard and removed a leg and arm. I purchased some fabric and proceeded to hand sew the outfit. The wig was another tough one, I couldn’t find any that were the right color AND cut. The best I found was a Rod Stewart wig. I used red and orange hair spray to get the color right. Lastly, the makeup. David shaved his eyebrows for this look, so I used a glue stick, yes you read that right, a glue stick to conceal my brows. I then lightened my skin with foundation and powders. Added red contrasts and used lipstick and eye shadows for the bolt. Additionally, David has one pupil that is dilated from a childhood accident. I used a contact to achieve this affect.

People loved it. I was constantly stopped and most friends didn’t recognize me at first. Many people told me they wanted to step up their Halloween game next year because of it. This made me the most happy, if my costume can inspire people to be more creative, then goal achieved. I also had a lot of people ask to borrow it.