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Coolest Homemade Ziggy Stardust Costume

I had tickets to a celebrity look-alike show, and decided to work with what I had – short, bright red hair, and a sewing machine. The particular homemade Ziggy Stardust costume I chose to make was striped with pink, blue and silver, with a green, silver and orange striped collar and shoulder pieces. Naturally, it’s damn-near impossible to find these particular fabrics, so I bought the individual colours in a foil jersey and cut them into long strips, sewing them together to create one large striped piece of fabric that I cut everything from.

The collar and shoulder pieces were made from fluorescent green satin with orange and silver ribbon stripes appliquéd on to it, plus a few layers of interfacing to stiffen them out. I used Fudge “Hot Chilli” to brighten up my hair, and used gold eyeshadow mixed with water to make a paste for the forehead circle and lips, with red lipstick and powder for the eyes.

I finished with a pair of red boots I already owned, and ended up taking out the Best Costume prize on the night!

Homemade Ziggy Stardust Costume

Homemade Ziggy Stardust Costume

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