The theme I chose for my kids this year was 80’s and who is cooler than Mr. T? First I secured a Mr. T talking key chain on Amazon, from there I re used my son’s Spiderman muscle top from our Super hero Halloween.  His regular barber hooked him up with a modern Mohawk and since I am a face painter on the side  the beard and tats were easy.

I got all the gold from an online Mardi Gras necklace vendor. The t shirt from eBay, and he had existing converse sneakers.  We could not find the classic striped sports socks anywhere so I added striped with a fabric marker.  Unbelievably we were hit with Storm Irene on the East Coast 3 days before Halloween, no power anywhere with trees down all over the place and no trick or treating . Fortunately the local shopping area hosted an event and we were able to get dressed up and go.