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Coolest Guns N’ Roses Family Halloween Costume!

Here’s the story behind our Guns N’ Roses family Halloween costume. The kids are old enough now that I try to give them free reign to decide what we do for Halloween – whether we carry on our family group costume tradition, or they venture off to their own individual costumes. They both wanted to stick with a family theme of some sort, but had a hard time deciding on what that would be. After batting around more traditional ideas such as pirates or superheroes, my son randomly said he wanted to be Axl Rose for Halloween – then my daughter immediately followed up saying she wanted to be Slash. Guns N’ Roses was my favourite band growing up, so this was a done deal – challenge accepted kiddos!

I already had the guitars and a Marshall amp, then bought a cheap used kids drum set online and borrowed a couple other items. I bought almost everything clothing wise in one stop at a local thrift store – who knew there was such much kid sized leather out there?!

Axl Rose – I found a classic biker style leather jacket, leather pants, leopard print shirt, gold suspenders & belt finished off with some cowboy boots. Add in the classic red bandana and Ray Bans on top of his head and you have a pretty genuine looking classic era Axl on your hands! Other accessories include all five temporary tattoos, red wig and a mix of my wife’s watch/rings/bracelets.

Slash – I found a perfect leather jacket with tassels and leather pants for my daughter to wear then added in a pair of my wife’s converse shoes. I added a belt to the tophat (same way he made his original hat!) and then I used a red sharpie to draw the classic ‘Slash’ logo on a t-shirt to round out his classic signature look. Other accessories include a temporary tattoo, black wig, bandana in her pocket, some Ray Ban sunglasses and a mix of my wife’s watch/rings/bracelets.

Duff McKagan – The jean jacket is mine from when I was a kid and the converse shoes she already had. I found some leather pants, made the classic CBGB T-shirt with an iron on transfer, then added the classic Duff dog chain/padlock necklace. No wig needed here – she just had to tease her hair, 80’s style! Other accessories include a bandana in her pocket, Ray Ban sunglasses and some fingerless leather gloves.

Steven Adler – I found the leather vest at a thrift store, ripped some holes in an old pair of jeans and used some converse shoes I already had. Other accessories include a temporary tattoo, blonde wig, bandana in my pocket, some Ray Ban sunglasses handing off a chain necklace and a printed off GNR bullet logo for the kick drum to finish things off.

Izzy Stradlin – We were one person short to complete the original lineup and since Izzy was the first member to part ways, I decided he would be the odd man out and would partially be filled in by our dog (Izzy’s follow up band was the Juju Hounds, so it seemed fitting!). We bought a leather dog jacket and hat online to round out her rocker look. I also included the ‘WHERES IZZY’ sign used in the Don’t Cry video when Izzy first left the band.

We had to find a bigger location to take pictures of our family Halloween costume as there was just too much equipment – the front steps of a local closed down high school fit the bill perfectly! It was pretty fun to recreate my favorite band as a family Halloween costume, and the best part was that it was my kids idea! We had tons of reactions to our Guns N’ Roses family Halloween costume and people really loved the authenticity and attention to detail :)

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