Extravagant Maleficent Costume

My daughter wanted to be a beautiful character. The idea of being Maleficent made her so excited! She already had the awesome green eyes so we knew it would be a perfect costume for her!

For the robe, we used suede fabric and free hand cut the shapes we needed and then took an old fur blanket and cut it into strips for all the trim and the collar. We used interface for the center of the collar to hold it up. We cut a slit in the back of the robe to slip the wings into the harness.

For the head piece, we took an old pair of snakeskin leggings and used the leg part to stretch around her head. We then took foam horns and used electrical tape to attach the horns to the legging piece. I took scrap material from her sisters costume and wrapped it around the horns and stitched it to the leggings to secure it. Using all these materials, made the head piece super light so it was comfortable to wear!

For the staff, we took a dowel and added wire to make the desired shape. Then we took aluminum foil and scrunched it around each piece of wire and used a little electrical tape to secure it. We then took black spray paint and sprayed the whole staff. We bought a little green ball from a store, cut a flap in the back and added a small flashlight inside with a bottom rubber on/off button so we could easily turn it on and off from the top of the ball while it was inside.

Lastly, we hot glued the bottom of the ball inside the sculpted staff. We took an old mini backpack that we used for the harness to attach the wings to. For the wings, we used wire for the desired shape, then duct taped cardboard in the center. We bought lots of duck feathers and black boas and individually hot glued each one on until it was finished! We added her makeup for the finishing touches!

Everyone was in love this costume! We heard people as we were walking by saying, “oh wow! look at Maleficent!” and stopping us for pictures! We also had a few offers to buy it! People were wanting to know where we bought the wings and was happy to tell them we made them all ourselves!

We invested a lot of time into making it look like an extravagant costume! We wanted it to look like she walked off the set! Hope you enjoy it!

Extravagant Maleficent Costume

Extravagant Maleficent Costume

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