I started off my Maleficent costume with  3 yards of black fabric to make a long black dress with drape like sleeves. Everything was measured to my height.

For the horns I took a wire hanger, cut in half (one half for each horn) and shaped them like that of Maleficent using a picture for reference. I then balled up newspaper and piled them up over the wire. I used aluminum foil and wrapped it around the newspaper to give it more shape. I used pieces of black duct tape to adhere everything together. Once both horns were identical in shape I used a hot glue gun and 3/4ths of pleather fabric to wraps around the horns. Cutting them in strips to make it easier and layered over the horns. I attached the horns onto a black headband using the duct tape (this stuff is awesome and strong)! The horns were super light weight and didn’t weigh much at all! A black triangle piece of pleather will be used for her widows peak When placed on your head secure it with bobby pins. Attach another piece of pleather starting from the back to the front and hold it in place covering your entire hair with a little piece of duct tape.

For her infamous collar I used 4 pieces of foam ( 2 large and 2 slightly smaller) to make each triangle. Using a glued pipe cleaner underneath to let me shape the foam. I then layered it with extra pleather fabric. Getting this onto the dress was the most difficult. But honestly the collar makes the outfit complete! I placed one of the smaller triangles on each of my shoulders with duct tape. I then layered the top ones at an angle again with black duct tape.

Now for her walking staff I used a dowel, an empty plastic Christmas ornament, tulle, 2 small picture frame stands, twigs, and a LED light, and some hemp twine. Paint the dowel a dark brown color, attached the twine around the staff adding twigs to give it a more ethereal look. The picture frame stands need to be placed on the top of the staff. This will hold the plastic ornament. This will be her glowing crystal.  Decorate it to your liking using pictures as reference. Add the LED light into the ornament with some tulle to make it look smokey. Everything is glued in using a hit glue gun. The staff was a huge hit!! No one thought it was home made and many people were mesmerized with the glowing crystal ball. You can add a raven a top the crystal ball to add to the entire costume, after all that was her sidekick.

Lastly! For the makeup! Use a light foundation to get a porcelain skin base. Use red lipstick for the lips. Her eyeshadow was smokey eyes but with yellow under her eyebrows. Use a bronzer to get the chiseled cheek bone appearance. And pop in some green contacts!

Finally! Your mistress of all evil is complete! Nothing is complete without your best impersonation, but most importantly without a smile and a great attitude. Enjoy!