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Easy Homemade Frida Kahlo Halloween Costume

I got the idea for this easy homemade Frida Kahlo Halloween costume visiting a museum, and it actually turned out to be quite easy to put together. I already had a Mexican/Sante Fe print skirt that I had purchased from Urban Outfitters and a peasant blouse. The beads came from travels to Brazil, but I’m sure you can get something really similar at a thrift store or flea market. I wore a long black wig that I then braided into two braids and then pinned up across the top of my head with bobby pins. I purchased plastic flowers from the 99c store that I pinned around my head like a crown. My eyebrows were penciled in with a black/brown brow pencil with little dashes in the middle to make a full on unibrow. I dashed my upper lip as well and then rubbed it in a little for a more realistic mustache.

This costume has been one of my favorites. I could tell the people that were educated because they knew who I was, and those that didn’t got an unexpected art lesson on Halloween night!

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