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Adorable DIY Baby Frida Kahlo Costume

This costume was pretty easy to put together.  The hardest part was finding an authentic Mexican dress for my 10 month old daughter.  I initially asked my grandma if she could bring one back from Mexico, but she wasn’t able to. I eventually found one on Amazon from Leo’s imports for $21.99. Size 1 fit her perfectly and it’s great quality. I handcrafted her flower crown with items from my local craft store, Joann’s and the dollar store, using a tutorial I found on Pinterest.

I also handcrafted the bibdana on baby “Diego” using fabric from the craft store and my own template. He just happened to show up dressed the part. He reminded my family of Diego Rivera with the way his hair was combed and his expression. His mom put together a very cool outfit, with skull and crossbones on his shirt and pants.  Everyone who saw Baby “Frida” absolutely loved it and fortunately most of my family admires Frida Kahlo so they knew exactly who she was dressed up as. Everyone also got a kick out of the iconic unibrow, that I drew on with brown eyeliner. This picture made so many people smile and laugh. It also got a few shares from different family members on social media. It was taken during our families first ever Dia de la Vida celebration. My aunt was recently hospitalized for a while and upon returning home wanted to see family and celebrate Life! She came up with the idea for the celebration and it was very fun and special. This photo was taken that day October19th, 2014. I chose this costume idea because Frida is very influential riches woman in my family.  She represents many things,  most importantly, strength, courage and confidence.  I want my children to grow up understanding her importance to our culture. She is an icon and my family will always celebrate her,  whether it is on Dia de la muerte or our very own Dia de la Vida.

Adorable DIY Baby Frida Kahlo Costume

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