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Easy and Funny Lennox “Bad Air” Commercial Costume

Remember the Lennox commercials that featured men dressed as “bad air”? They were funny because they each had a different type of bad air that their system would get rid of. My husband found these commercials so funny and he loved the “hot air” one best of all. It had a man dressed in red footie pajamas that said “HOT” on his chest, with a mustache and a suitcase.

The “hot air” was sad in the commercial that the people he lived with were getting rid of him and there was sad music playing. Sound familiar? My husband LOVES obscure costumes and since it sounds simple enough to make, one Halloween he set out to make the costume. We looked in every thrift store for the red long pajamas…let me tell you, it was hard to find in an adult size that wasn’t too hot of a material. But we did finally, and we bought some iron on letters in black to spell “hot” on his chest.

Then he shaved everything but his mustache and voila! Now, not many people even knew about this character at the party we were at…but then…someone we didn’t know exclaimed that he knew exactly what he was supposed to be! This guy happened to WORK for Lennox! It was the funniest coincidence since we all had a few beers in us! The costume was easy, comfortable, and funny (in an inside joke sorta way!)


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