“I want to be a toolbox,” said our then 2 year old son.  Not just any toolbox.  He showed me a picture in a catalog.  He had to be a Craftsman toolbox. Just like the one in the catalog.

I am not super creative, so I had to think about it for a few days.  I started with a standard box and spray painted it black.  I used shiny silver tape and cardboard to make 3 drawer pulls and glued them to the fake drawers. I made handles on the side with cardboard and silver tape and made hinges for the top of the box so it looked like the one he showed me in the catalog.  I printed out different size logos that I found on the web and glued them on the box.  Now how would he be able to get candy?  I cut out a portion of the box near the bottom and made a drawer that was partially open so the candy could be dropped in.  I used tape to secure the drawer in place.   I attached old black shoe strings to the box to hold it on his shoulders.  He was a big hit at the Trunk or Treat event at our church.