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Easy and Fun Giraffe Costume

My friends and I decided to do a group themed costume as the idea of party animals. Each of us chose an animal that would be easy to dress up as, then bought our costumes, and added party hats and had party horns/streamers.
Creating the giraffe costume:
1) Bought a plain yellow dress, brown tights, giraffe ears and tail, party accessories, brown acrylic paint, and dark brown foundation, and had a brown belt
2) Painted random brown spots onto the front and back of the dress
3) Created a party hat out of construction paper and glue gunned it to the ears, as well as glued the ribbon on
4) Painted brown spots onto my face and neck
5) Then put everything on and attached the tail to the belt!

Any animal would be easy to dress up as, so have fun and be creative with it

Easy and Fun Giraffe Costume

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