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10+ Coolest Spotted Homemade Giraffe Costumes

Awesome giraffe costumes abound in this beautiful collection. Look at these graceful, gorgeous and individually crafted homemade costumes that are truly astounding. Made with love and designed with care, they provide fantastic inspiration for your DIY Halloween costume.

Firstly, as you browse through, take in the elegance of these homemade costumes. Tall, loping giraffes have influenced all the finer costume details. Most of all are the impressive neck heights! Achieved by by using a PVC pipe or a broom, they are remarkable.

In addition, did you know each giraffe has a unique pattern of spots? You have plenty of latitude with your giraffe skin design. Learn how the costumes here were constructed and get tons of ideas to spark your imagination.

So check out this fabulous selection of long-necked and short-horned costumes. And please share your coolest DIY costumes with us. Your next homemade costume might be featured right here!