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Cool Toothpaste Costumes and Many Cheap and Easy Costume Ideas

I made this toothpaste costume for one of my three kids. For the toothpaste I bought about two meters of green satiny material from Wal-Mart. I then traced my daughter’s outline onto it and cut it out. I sewed the two pieces together. I made it roomy so that she could wear a winter coat underneath if necessary.

Then I added the Crest logo onto it using different colour material because I wanted it to be more recognizable. I looked up the logo on the internet and copied their colors and font by freehand. I even wrote “fluoride” underneath to make it more realistic.

For the toothpaste cap I bought an old lampshade from Goodwill and covered it in white material then glued an elastic strap on the bottom for it to cling to her chin.

Easy Costume Idea

Total Spent: $8.

Costume by Stacy K., Wesley Chapel, FL

Easy Costume Idea

My son won a contest for this easy costume idea. I took a t-shirt of mine (women’s cut) and glued felt onto it to look like the tube. Then I added glitter glue to exactly match it. The toothpaste cap is a small lampshade with holes cut on the sides where I attached white shoe laces for the ties. Add white sweat pants and an oversized toothbrush and you’re done.

Total Spent: $15

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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