Easy and Cheap Homemade Sam Shakusky Costume from Moonrise Kingdom

This Sam Shakusky costume from Moonrise Kingdom is relatively easy to make, the only thing you have to boy is the hay which is like a racoons tail and can surely find it in any gun store or any 99 cent store. The shirt I knitted some buttons onto it I had from the past that were just not used and I made the star, and badges with yellow felt. The eckerchief is yellow felt as well but I got it wet and rinsed so it would look more like actual fabric and not a cloth.

You just need a khaki shirt, a khaki short, knee high socks, a coon hat and some reliable hipster glasses. If you wanna go all in get one of those camping backpacks that are really big, or you can get binoculars or a fake shotgun the kind you go shooting or a bow and arrow which are protagonist is so good at using