Easy and Cheap DIY Costume Idea: Ice Cube in Boyz n the Hood

This Ice Cube in Boyz n the Hood costume is by far the easiest and cheapest costume ever. I wore a curly wig, cut a few ends, and juiced it up with some spray gel, bought a raider hat, black sweater and there you have it, doughboy! Everyone loved it and thought it was really Ice Cube. A lot of people thought it was super original and very cool.

The hardest part was probably keeping the curls wet to really give it that early 90’s s curl look. Everyone at the Halloween party we attended kept on coming up to me expressing how awesome the costume was “oh man, Ice Cube! I showed everyone at work and they can’t wait to see me all dressed up. Again it was the best and literally the cheapest costume I have ever had. Everything I needed was in my closet. So basic but I paid attention to detail from the curl to the beard.