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Cutest Ninja Turtle Girl Costume

For this Ninja Turtle girl costume I made a tutu with a crocheted top and added ribbon. There wasn’t  any fabric that I could find here in my home town.

For her shell, I used casting strips that I had for a belly cast and put it around a basketball. When it dried I painted it and added some glitter… of course. Girls love glitter!

To make her six pack abs, I used some sticky foam sheets and super glued the corners.

The best part about this costume is that my daughter is three, so I assembled the costume on her and to my surprise she stayed very still and patient the whole time.  She even helped when I tied the tulle and glued her six pack. When it came to the shell she had no clue what it was going to be and before I completed it  I could tell she loved her costume, but it was kind of “whatever” to her.

When I finished the shell and added ribbon to it to wear as a back pack everything changed. OMG! She fell in love with her costume. It made me feel so good. LOL! She just thought it was the coolest and said “this is KINDA beautiful.” She told me she loved me a million times over for it which was a relief, since last year she did not like her costume at all.

A lot of people thought her Ninja Turtle costume was a cool idea and were shocked at how I had made the shell. None of that mattered, though. The facial expressions and the excitement and love that my daughter had for her costume were priceless. I’m very happy that I didn’t break down from the thought and trouble of making the costume and finished it. This was a far more wonderful experience and has made this Halloween so much better than any other Halloween I remember.

Cutest Ninja Turtle Girl Costume

Cutest Ninja Turtle Girl Costume

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