Here’s my 3 month old daughter’s Rapunzel costume together with her dad. She wanted to be Rapunzel this year, for her first halloween! (I could just tell. Haha!) So, I made her Rapunzel and stuck her in her tower! Her dad is a good sport and agreed to be a prop for her costume!

I wanted to make an original costume that hasn’t been done before and because she is still so tiny I wanted to incorporate dad into her costume (since he will be carrying her all night) I didn’t want her to just cary her. I wanted to do it with style!

I made her entire costume except for the onsie she is wearing. I hand painted the bricks on the pants to look like tower, attached vines and made paper flowers. The top of the tower is made completely out of paper and cardboard. I also crafted a balcony out of fabric and felt to attach to her baby carrier. So that it would look like she is in the tower and not just stuck to the side of it!

She is wearing a Rapunzel onsie, and I attached a second identical one to the outside of the baby carrier. I wanted it to look like you are looking at her. I didn’t want it to look like you are looking at a baby in a carrier. I hand sewed a little tiny wig out of yarn and used the rest of the roll of to make her braid!

She is wearing the little yarn beanie on her head, but the braid is attached to dad’s chest and not to her head.

I enjoyed making this Rapunzel costume for her and I can’t wait to take her trick or treating in it!  Although she wont remember it I’m sure she will have fun looking at pictures of that time she was baby Rapunzel!