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Contest-Winning Rapunzel Halloween Costume for a Girl

Hi my name is Trinity and I am 5 years old.  I love the movie Tangled and since I saw it I refuse to cut my hair I want it as long as her hair is.  I wanted to be Rapunzel for Halloween this year so we found a cute dance leotard that looked like a Rapunzel dress.  I used a crown I had at home.  My Mommy and Daddy made me a rolling tower to look the part.  My float base was made out of scrap wood and 2 sets of training wheels from my bikes.  They spray painted it black and added metal brackets to secure my tower so I didn’t fall.  My tower is made out of a cardboard shipping tube for wires that are used in the making of fire trucks.  My Daddy brought it home from his work at 4 Guys.  He then used a saw to cut the window my Mommy drew on it.  They spray painted it grey and my Mommy made the stone bricks with a car washing sponge and black paint.  My Mommy then took apart several bushes of fake flowers and added them around the window and base to make it look pretty.  The top area of the tower is foam board.  My Mommy also added 3 lights inside of the tower to highlight me in the town parade.  My hair was made longer by cutting apart a wig and braiding it into my own hair and adding 3 bows.  I also insisted on having a frying pan like Rapunzel in Tangled and I used it to get candy for trick or treat.  I loved my costume and so did everyone else too my town has a small parade after trick or treat and I won “most original” it was raining out and people came up to us and said they waited to see what I won because they thought it was so cute! My prize was a $10.00 gift certificate.  I wish I could post more pic but only 2 of them would load.

Contest-Winning Rapunzel Halloween Costume for a Girl

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