I was trying to figure out a tower for my 4 year old’s Halloween Rapunzel costume when her daddy said” I might as well be the tower, she always ends up on my shoulders anyway!”.  Off with the Idea I went. I used a cardboard box, fake vines with rosebudsus glue gun,  Halloween material, and of course Daddy’s shoulders!

I entered her in 2 Halloween costume contests. Winning 2nd place in on and 1st in the other! Boy was she a good sport! After going through a few different hair pieces  and 2 dresses, we found the right one!  For preschool I changed a few things around and added handles on the inside and shortened the fabric so it wouldn’t drag for the parade around school! There were a few different Rapunzel’s that all had a great time using the tower for their pictures! I admit it, Even I had to throw on the wig and be a princess for a few minutes! I hated throwing the costume away, but we’ve got plenty of fun memories and pictures!