Coolest Tangled Rapunzel Costume

Tangled is a family favorite, so when my daughter wanted to be Rapunzel for Halloween I was excited. I looked into costumes that were available but wanted something closer to the movie (honestly I knew I could make something better than the costumes available to buy). So I made my own pattern and made the entire Tangled Rapunzel Costume including a fake hair piece.

I spent at least 5 hours doing research on the costume to figure out how to best replicate it. It took around 30 hours to sew the costume. We often get colder weather so I made a matching cloak fit for a princess. Then I found some fiber optic clips for hair that makes the hair glow; an element that truly finished the costume but was difficult to get a picture of. Making the hair piece took 3 hours and almost an hour to get it set pinned in my daughters hair.

There are 5 elements to the costume, here they are:

Skirt – Purple satin, purple brocade and white cotton lining.

Shirt – Lavender satin with white lace on neckline and pink lace on bottom, puffy sleeves with pink ribbon and sheer pink cotton sleeves with white lace.

Bodice – Pink satin with purple cotton lining, silver grommets and purple cord for lacing.

Cloak – Purple satin, pink fake fur lining

Fake Hair – 2 1/2 packs of fake hair, lots of fake flowers and tons of bobby pins.

Coolest Tangled Rapunzel Costume 3

Coolest Tangled Rapunzel Costume 3

Coolest Tangled Rapunzel Costume 3

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  1. This is a great costume. I saw a lot of Rapunzels this year but most of them had strange afro wigs. Also the colors are right on for the outfit and the frying pan adds a nice touch. Good Job! That’s one happy fairy-tale princess.


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