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Cute Mummy Princess Costume

My daughter decided that she wanted to do a ‘spooky’ costume this year. We don’t generally do scary costumes, so we made a compromise on this one. First, we bought a white T-shirt, a long white dress, white lace curtains, a white sheet, and house slippers that we bleached white. All of these items were purchased from our local thrift store.

We then boiled tea on the stove, and tea-stained all of the white garments. The lace and sheet were cut into strips, and hot-glued into the dress. We also used some strips of the sheet to make the slippers into real shoes by hot-gluing them as well. Several more strips were tied into her hair, and on her arms as well. We purchased a tiara and wrapped it with the strips, also. For the sash, we purchase white sticker letters and spray-painted them black and silver. They were then stuck onto the tea-stained sash to spell out ‘Mummy Princess’.

We picked up a thrift store necklace and wrapped it with even more strips. And finally, a few tea-stained lace rosettes placed on her shoes and tiara completed her costume. She won first place in a local costume contest.

Costume Contest Prizes

Mummy Princess

Her slippers

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2021

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