I wanted to be a mummy, fresh from the sarcophagus, so I went to the local thrift store and I got some old white sheets, khaki pants, and cream colored turtle neck shirts.  I tied some knots in the sheets and soaked them in the tub with a huge box of black tea for a long time- gave them an old dingy color. After they were dry, I cut small slits at one end of the sheet 2-3 inches wide, then it was easy to rip the length of the sheet giving the strips a rugged edge.

Once all the strips were made, I took the pants apart at the inside hem and sewed the strips on starting at the bottom so the next strip overlaps. Once all the strips were on, I re-sewed the inside hem.  I did the same with the tops- but took the arms off completely, then re-stitched everything back together after the strips were on.

CAUTION- try to not use a turtle neck made of stretchy material, because the strips make it stiff and can constrict the costume making it too tight. If it is stretchy, make sure to stretch the material when sewing. Also, I didn’t sew strips all the way to the top of the pants- the shirt covers that, and save some strips to go around your head and neck area.  I also sewed in some fake bugs from the thrift store.  The boot covers were a pain- but I copied the design from some pirate boot covers with some muslin-covered with more strips, and some elastic that went under the shoe.  I am going to add some hand wraps, since they look too fleshy!

It was a lot of work, but now it is done, and it is easy, comfortable, and WARM  to put on and look great! Going to enter a costume contest this year with these costumes, and hope to win!  Last year we volunteered at a kiddie Halloween festival and totally made a little kid cry…awesome!!