Cute Homemade Baby Smurf Costume

Since I hand made my other two kids costumes this year, I couldn’t leave out the little one!  But I wanted something that would be easy and comfortable, not to mention something that would give easy access to diaper when necessary.  And a baby smurf answered all of those requirements perfectly.

The main costume was just a solid blue onesie with white baby leggings and a floppy white hat. I made the tail from some colored cotton balls that I sewed onto the pants.  And I stuffed a little sock into the top of the hat to help it flop forward like a real smurf. To add a bit more color, I drew some blue hearts on his cheeks (they were already a little smudged in the attached pic).

Even though it was REALLY easy to make, everyone recognized what he was and he got lots of compliments everywhere we went.