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Coo Purse Costumes and Lots of Creative Costume Ideas

My three year old daughter wanted to be a purse for Halloween so I searched the web for creative costume ideas and decided to make one out of black vinyl, black lining wire for shaping and some flowers and trim for embellishment. It was mostly done with the sewing machine and I used fabric glue to close the seams that I stuffed and to attach the flowers and trim.

The handle was vinyl with pockets sewn in to hold the wire. The handle was then attached inside down the side seam of the costume and tacked in to secure it. I also bent some threaded rod and inserted it along the bottom of the purse for rigidity. I added a flap on the front with a magnetic clasp for authenticity.

It took me approximately four hours from start to finish with creative costume ideas from my girls.

Total Spent: $30

Costume by Janine B., Boston, MA

Purse Costume

I wanted some costume ideas so when I saw the purse handle at the fabric store I came up with this idea.

I used upholstery foam to make the general shape then covered it with the fabric (using only glue – no sewing). Once the fabric was attached I glued on the handle and trim. There are fabric-covered foam pieces over the shoulders to hold the costume on.

To add to the believability I drew the lipstick and glasses on foam core, cut them with an exactor and once again attached with glue.

Total Spent: $30

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