Coolest Zombie Bride and Groom Couple Costume: Till Death Do Us Part

For a costume contest at work, we decided to make a “marry scary costume”. We found an old suit at the thrift store, complete with matching hat, a lace 3/4th sleeve top and the liner cut out from an old prom dress made do for the skirt of the bridal dress. By the way, most A-line formal skirts have tulle lining, use this too! Any color works, just rip it up, add lace accents, roll it in dirt, the messier the better! A cheap few yard of tulle acted as a veil.

We added fake moss, spider web, a few drops of fake blood and spiders to complete the outfits. For the dead green makeup, we covered our face in lotion to create a small barrier on our skin, this helps the makeup come off later too. We used green eyeshadow crushed up and brown contouring long the cheek bones, and eyes. For those that still want to look glam, add a pair of faux lashes…if you dare.

All of our hard work making our costumes, we actually tied for 1st place in the costume contest.