Awesome DIY Wonder Woman Costume

After an intensive research looking for a Wonder Woman Costume without success I found your web page. Once I reviewed the amazing homemade costumes I decided to do the costume that since a child I always wanted to wear. I was exited because this will give me the opportunity to try to do it as close as possible to the original one.

With the help and creativity of a friend, Elvin Cruz, with out whom I could have not completed this costume; and using a picture of Linda Carter as a pattern we started the project of the Homemade Wonder Woman Costume.

The cost of the fabric and materials to do the costume was $80. For the cape we used 9 yards of satin fabric in red, white and blue. The stars were the kind that you can iron and get easy in an arts and craft store. For the corset we had to do each part separately. We used an inner lining to give a better support to the satin fabric. We placed each star using the pattern in the picture.

To create the eagle we used gold Lycra fabric that was cut in small pieces and placed one by one to help create a better eagle form closer to the original design. This gold fabric was also used for the Tiara and belt. A golden string was used for the Lasso of Truth. For the bracelets we used metal bracelets and we added the small red stars.

It took us almost 3 weeks and hard work but we finally did it. At the end I was amazed by the final product. This is a unique piece. I would never get this type of costume in a store or for $80. My dream finally came true.

Thank you for the grate ideas, I hope my story can inspire other people to do more homemade costumes.

18 thoughts on “Awesome DIY Wonder Woman Costume”

  1. Hello!

    First and foremost, I just wanted to say that your Wonder Woman costume is absolutely brilliant. Secondly, I wanted to know if you had a pattern of the cape that you could share.


  2. Hi
    I am in desperate need for a Wonder Woman costume, would you and you friend want to make another? I would pay?! I don’t like the ones that are on the internet to buy as they aren’t the same as the original.


  3. HI Do you make capes for people? or would you have a pattern willing to share or suggest to get one? Beautiful work! I even have some wonder woman DVD Classics!Really nice work and you looked great and must have been fun!

  4. I need this costume! Did you use a pattern? Would you make me one? I need it for an international pageant at the end of October!

  5. This is a great costume! You and your friend did a fantastic job, the costumes that exist in the stores are horrible. You should take orders and make these, I would buy one!

  6. You did a lovely job with your costume. If you made a pattern is it possible to get a copy. I would love to make myself a costume. Please respond either way. Thanks and cheers again on the wonderful craftsmanship.

  7. I also am interested in having this wonderful costume make for my fiance and want to know if you are willing to make additional for payment. Please let me know.

  8. Love the costume…I can not find anything that looks this good that is already made. Do you make these upon request? If so, I’d love to order…what is the charge?


  9. Hello there .. I love the costume !! I’m over seas and I don’t like the customs they have online yours looks more original I was wondering if you would make me one do to I would like to make my own but being overseas we don’t have a lot to work with … Please let me know I’m willing to pay !!! Please contact me at tricsir@ …

    Thank you …

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