Coolest Witch and Dorothy Illusion Costume

For the body of the witch, I used a lid from a tote box and covered the edges with foam pipe covers. I used a styrofoam ball to hold the mask and used a paint stick to hold it in place which I glued to the lid. I put a black robe over it and cut a hole mid way up the front so I could put my legs through.

I cut a plastic flower pot in half and painted it black to look like Dorothy is in a pot. I found the perfect fabric and pieced together to make a Dorothy costume. I filled a pair of little girls’ tights and glued a pair of red shoes to it and attached it to the pot to look like Dorothy’s legs are hanging over it. I strapped the pot to my waist and voila.

For this Witch and Dorothy Illusion Costume I won ‘most original costume’ at work, everyone loved it.

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  1. Thanks everyone for the nice comments. My favorite movie has always been the Wizard of OZ and my favorite charachter has always been the wicked witch. so I wanted the witch to catch Dorothy and melt her. I loved it.

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