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Awesome Homemade Vending Machine Costume

My daughter decided she wanted a Homemade Vending Machine Costume so we found a big moving box and got started. We cut arm holes and a head hole. Then we spray painted the box black. We covered a vegetable carrying box with aluminum foil and then cut a hole just a little smaller than this box on the front of the costume. We added two foiled shelves to the box (made out of cardboard and glued in). We glued the foiled vegetable box inside of the big box behind the hole. We then hot glued in the popcorn, rice krispie and other goodies. Most of these were empty wrappers that I filled with cardboard so they looked real.

We then added numbers and pipe cleaners to make it look more realistic. Then we covered the opening with saran wrap and added a foam trim. We added accent to the costume with foam by adding the word “SNACKS” to the top and letters on the side for snack selection. We also cut a flap at the bottom where the snacks would be retrieved that said PUSH. My husband added battery operated lights to each shelf so when the machine lights up.

Homemade Vending Machine Costume

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