Awesome Vending Machine Costume

Last year I wanted to be something unique. I was tired of the same old princess or fairy costume that fabric was so cheap it ribbed as you were trick or treating. So with a little thought me and sister created the costume.

All we needed was a card board box my size, black spray paint, clear wrap, numbers and letters and buttons created from word, and of course candy and snacks for the vending machine. We spray painted the box black for a little shiny touch.We cut a hole on top for head, cut the bottom off, and sanded the top so the ridges won’t cut into my skin. We hot glued the candy and snacks in the middle and cut a rectangle underneath only three sides to have a opening for the spot to get the snacks. Then we covered the snacks with clear wrap. Then we hot glued the numbers and letters for a order pad.

The costume was a hit. The old ladies handing out candy loved how real it looked.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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