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Cool Vending Machine Child Costume

My little brother wanted to buy a costume at the Halloween store, but he is very short so all of the costumes didn’t fit him and he got very frustrated. I felt bad so I thought I have to make him something. I started looking around on the Internet for ideas and found this Vending Machine costume idea. When I found this he was excited but I could tell he was still upset about the fact that he couldn’t find anything. But after it was made and he went out in it, he was super excited. It was not very hard, just takes some time and patience. Here is the step by step:

  1. Buy all supplies (XL box, arts and crafts to decorate the box, larger letters for “push” and letters for selection buttons, cellophane, battery lights, black spray paint, snacks to fill vending machine, shoe box size box, extra cardboard box, pipe cleaners, hot glue, and packaging tape).
  2. Cut out front of box where the cellophane will be, also cut the hole for arms and head, also you could cut slots for handles or use something else for handles.
  3. Paint box and extra box with spray paint.
  4. Tape or glue the snacks to the extra box and use pipe cleaners to make it look like the spiral thing in real vending machines.
  5. The hardest thing was probably attaching the extra box to the main box. I used the tabs of the box to glue them and then I used zip ties to reinforce the box.
  6. After the extra box and snacks are in place I attached the battery lights with tape along the inside of the cut out, and leave the on and off switch accessible so the child can get to it easily.
  7. Next, I made a flap below the snacks and put the letters for “push” on it and on the inside of the box in the same spot as the flap I attached the shoe box size box the same way as the other box, and that is where people can put the child’s candy when they go trick or treating.
  8. Lastly, you and the child can decorate the rest of the costume, selection buttons, and anything else you want to add however you please.

Like I said before it isn’t the most difficult thing to make it, just takes time and patience, but it definitely gets a lot of comments, his school does not allow contest because it is a private school, but everyone kept telling him he would have won best costume, when your child goes out trick or treating.

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