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Coolest Updated Version of Squirtman Costume

I’ve updated my old costume to make it more of a superheroish character now. I got a one piece ballet tights off ebay (it has the feetzies built in them), it was 50 bucks. I got a black pair of underwear for 10 bucks to go over my suit. The cape is from Joann fabrics (I got a big piece of orange blanket material, it was on clearance for something like 4 bucks), then got some clearance black material to put “squirtman” on the cape.

I had some more material for the squirtgun symbol on front, then got boots for 60 bucks and gloves for 30 bucks. The hat is 30 bucks and has a twirly propeller on top of the hat. I also got a lone ranger mask for 5 bucks (it’s kinda pricey but was worth it to make my squirtman suit much sweeter).

I have been on extra with Mario Lopez for a few secs, if you go to youtube.com – search “squirtman mario” and it will pop up :)

Plus, I met my favorite band skillet and got my pic with them and gave them squirtman dolls and squirtman dvds – hopin they will love me and ask me to be in a music video someday :)

Also don’t forget to go to squirtman.com and laugh at my youtube videos and look at my photo section too… and my dad sings my superhero theme song – called ‘ballad of squirtman’ (squirtman is your friend) is the title:)

(Here’s my older version of the costume…)

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  1. you look amazing hon. what a great remake of an old hero! I love your ideas and that smile goes with any color. Squirtman is my friend!


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