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Cool DIY “Chompette” Costume – Chain Chomp from Super Mario

I wanted to create a challenging costume despite going through a pandemic in 2020. I actually rushed on my costume because I initially wanted to participate in my school’s virtual Zumba costume contest, but I missed it. I thought it began at 6:45 pm and it actually started at 6:15pm last Thursday. Despite this, I didn’t give up and still wanted to finish what I started.

Chompette came to me as an idea this year because I know of other characters in the Super Mario universal, specifically their villains like Boo and Bowser, being transformed into female versions: Bowsette and Boosette. I love the Mario franchise and was happy to find that my favorite villain, Chain Chomp, also had a female humanized version. I am not the first to make this costume, but looking at other versions inspired me to make my own. Since 2020 is also all about masks, my costume also has a mask! With every cut out triangle taped to it to serve as my own sharp teeth.

It’s fun dressing up and being creative. It made me feel normal again. My favorite part about my costume is my mushroom crown. I hand painted it and it came out way better than I expected. All of the chain chomps hanging from my shoulders are hand painted black balloons. The eyes and teeth triangles on my black dress are secured with double sided mounting tape. All of the tiny triangles were individually cut and taped. I had so much fun making this costume and posing for pictures.

Chompette (Chain Chomp from Super Mario)
Chompette (Chain Chomp from Super Mario)

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