We have quadruplets and each year we pick a group Halloween outfit. This is our Coolest Toy Story Child Group Costume.

For Jessie I used a canvas hat from the craft store as a pattern. I ended up taking the hat apart and covering it with red felt and then sewing it back together. I added white trim and sewed white lace around the edge. For the shirt I used a white button down and added yellow material to the top and drew on the designs with a fabric marker. I replaced the front buttons with big buttons I bought at the fabric store. I also added the yellow cuff over the bottom of the sleeves. I bought a cowboy chaps pattern and made the cow print chaps and then sewed those onto the front of a pair of jeans. I used craft foam to make the belt buckle that I attached over the buckle of a regular belt.

Bo Peep was a previous Glenda the Good Witch dress that I modified. I added a piece of blue in the shape of a V for the front of the dress at the top. I used the iron on stuff to add the pink circles and then I sewed on a piece of lace around the bottom. The hat was made using a bonnet pattern as a guide and I covered a piece of craft foam with the material for the brim part of the bonnet. I had an old crinoline that I used to make the dress puff out. The staff was a Christmas yard candy cane that I painted blue.

Woody is made from a button down that I dyed orange and then used a fabric pen to draw the squares. I also changed out the buttons. The vest was made from a cowboy vest pattern using the cow print material.

Buzz Lightyear is my favorite and by far took the most time to make. I used a small white bathroom trashcan as the body part. I covered that with craft foam shapes to make the designs. I took a piece of plywood and cut that in a round shape to fit over his head. I took a plastic serving bowl and cut that in half to make his helmet. The two parts were hooked together with a screw on each side so that it would lift up and down. I attached the bowl to the plywood circle with Velcro. The arm and leg pieces were from a Buzz Lightyear costume I bought at a consignment shop. I cut the arm pieces off and attached them to white gloves that I colored purple and green with a fabric marker. The wings are made out of foam board that I covered with craft foam to make the designs of the wings. We also attached bicycle brake lights to the ends so they would blink. The wings were attached to the body with extra strong Velcro. The shoes were bought at a consignment shop and I used the fabric paint pens to paint them green and purple.