Coolest Tootsie Roll Costume

I made my daughter a Tootsie Roll costume for Halloween. She wore a white turtle neck and brown pants under the costume. The costume materials included brown felt, thick red ribbon, white fabric and white pant.

I started by cutting a long rectangle from the brown felt. I glued red ribbon near the top and bottom of the felt. I attached a piece of white fabric to the top and bottom of the felt. To make the appearance of the wrapper being twisted, I basted the white fabric and slightly gathered the fabric. I then made a cylinder shape and sewed it up the back. I made arm holes in white fabric at the top.

To make the lettering, I made a stencil with paper and painted the letters white. With left over fabric, I also made a Tootsie Roll treat bag. I just left the top open. It turned out really cute even though it was a little difficult for her to walk in.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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