Coolest Homemade Tootsie Roll Costume

I was trying to come up with an ideal costume for my son for Halloween, and he was sitting there at the table eating tootsie rolls, which he loves, and he says I want to be candy for Halloween.

So I looked online for a Tootsie Roll costume and they have the ones you can buy… I thought they were pricey and I thought I could do it better.

So, for my homemade Tootsie Roll costume I used a cardboard box, white fabric for the ends of the wrapper, black or dark brown fabric for the middle part of the wrapper, black spray paint, and white craft paint for the Tootsie Roll words.

First I took a piece of cardboard and measured it to fit his body. I cut arm holes in the sides of the box. I shaped the piece of cardboard to look like the tootsie roll, then I took duck tape and pieced it together.

I used cheap black spray paint and painted the box, then I took the black fabric and hot-glued it around the cardboard. I then hot-glued the white fabric around the top and bottom of the candy. I also used a little bit of elastic to bunch up the fabric around his neck and legs so that it looked like a candy wrapper. I used the craft paint and painted on the Tootsie Roll letters.

All together about $10 spent on the Tootsie Roll costume, and a couple days to make. It was really easy and fun. He loved it and he won two costume contests! Everyone thought he was so cute.