Coolest Tin Man DIY Halloween Costume

This Tin Man DIY Halloween Costume is my version (from the Wizard of OZ). First I found an old pair of jeans, a funnel, and an old thermal shirt.
Second bout metallic silver spray paint, face paint, hair spray and red spray paint, all found at Wal-Mart, costing approximately $15.00.
Spray paint the clothes and funnel silver, we found that putting a primer coat of paint on the clothes a day before the silver would help make the silver show up a lot better and brighter, yet we found that out to late and didn’t get to do it.

Use red spray paint to make a heart on the shirt, we used an old piece of cardboard to cut the heart and use it as a stencil over top of the shirt so there would be no over spray. We drilled a hole in the funnel and tied a rubber band around it to make the strap.

Lastly we used the metallic face paint and hair spray to complete his look. My boyfriend and I wanted to be a couple for Halloween but we couldn’t decide what to be, we weren’t about to spend a ton of money on new Halloween costumes, so we decided to make the Tin Man and only buy the Dorothy costume. It turned out really well, and everyone at our Halloween party loved it!

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this up !! i love boyfriend ordered the real one and it was a disaster, im going as the lion..and this is going to save our halloween! thanks


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