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Coolest There’s Something About Mary Costume

There’s Something About Mary Costume was a costume that I actually wore to work. I work at a creative advertising agency and each year there are contests for different categories (funniest costume, celeb lookalike, etc). There’s some stiff competition at work!

I wanted to do something creative, easy, and funny. Mary always wore sweet little cardigans and skirts. To my delight I already owned these items. The hardest part was getting my bangs to stay up stiff like that. I bought some heavy duty freeze gel and used a blow dryer to get my hair to stick up just right. It worked fabulously!

I also wanted some accessories. I bought a stuffed animal scruffy dog and decided to replicate the neighbors dog that was electrocuted. I wrapped some toilet paper around the dog to look like it was in a full body cast. haha

When I came into work that morning I got a standing ovation. Everyone stopped what they were doing and started clapping and laughing at the same time. I won funniest costume!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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