Coolest Snoopy Homemade Costume

This Snoopy homemade costume was really cheap and easy to make. I had only 4 days to make it and it turned out pretty good considering my limited time.

First of all I bought those really big balloons (the ones you can fill with candy). When it was big enough to fit a head, I tied it and glued to a plastic bow so I could cover it with paper mache and it wouldn’t move around. I put 4 layers of paper mache, the last one made of normal white paper to create something like a white canvas to work on.

Painted with white paint (2 layers), ears were made with black fabric (old shirt) and the other details in the face were painted.

For the house I bought a large enough cardboard box and cut it so it would become a house-shaped box. Covered it with orange foam. I had to leave a hole in the box so I could get in. For the legs I used old white socks filled with clothes.

Total Spent: 10 U$