Well my 7yr old son who happens to have autsim is in love with 2 things …The NY Jets and Great Big Pumpkin Charlie Brown …when i asked him what he wanted to be for halloween he said a Jet and Snoopy the flying ace ..so we came up with first a Jets and were gonna put Snoopy in it as we go to Metlife Stadium for Jets games and their mascot is snoopy …so box check…white sweeatshirt check..a black pillow case we got for 2 dollars on clearance check and some colored duct tape ..We cut away added some think poster board for the wings from dollar store and we got a NY Jets Jets…put a woodstock on the wing threw a helmet we got from a game once and wha la..lol …Then the following week was his school party for school and he said but I  want a red baron flying ace …:) so spray paint check ..more colored duct tape check some minor adjustments and we had one happy little 7 year old …He LOVED it …as did most people who saw it ..only issue was walking when it was crowded…weigh wise was very light ..I used cut up pillow case threw the box which went across his shoulders so technically one costume turned into two