Coolest Snoopy Halloween Costume

When my 4 kids wanted to be the Peanuts gang for Halloween, your site was the first place I hit – and got great ideas for paper mache heads for the 3 older ones. (I made the mouths wide open for two of them so the little ones could see better. Also, I used yarn over Styrofoam and toilet paper rolls for Lucy’s hair. (I’ll send an additional picture with all 4 costumes.)

We came up short on Snoopy Halloween costume ideas, though, because my 3 year old won’t wear a mask over his whole face. I was able to solve the problem by adapting a Simplicity pattern (3663) for a parrot costume into Snoopy. I purchased white fur and black felt and white fun foam. The body is essentially a jump suit and I made my own sleeves and tail. A single felt spot on the back made it Snoopy-authentic.

The head piece required more alteration. I began with a basic hood and made a slight change from beak shape to beagle for the fun foam snout. The fun foam works fantastically! It holds a great shape, you can sew right onto it and it doesn’t have to be stuffed. I added ears and stuffed them just a little. The nose tip is a black rubber ball that I was able to straight pin right to the snout.

Felt shapes finished the eyes, smile and “hand-drawn” ears.

Snoopy Costume

Snoopy Costume

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  1. I love it. I have for my son a white sweatshirt and sweatpants, white sneakers and gloves. I need help making the head. Can you send it?

  2. The heads are not difficult, but time consuming. The base is one of those balloons that are punching balls. (I believe I found them at the Dollar Store.) Inflate to the size you would like. Then, using a flour and water paper mache paste (find recipe online) use newspaper to cover the entire balloon. You will need to do many layers and will want to wait until each is completely dry before doing the next. I found that alternating between black and white and color (comics, ads) newspaper helped me figure out where I was on a particular layer. Once the head has enough layers (it’s been a few years but there were at least 5), you carefully cut out the neck opening – take it slow because you can always cut more away but you can’t put it back on! Cut eye holes and decide how you will attach or balance the heads on your user. we used some foam inside and used fabric ties to attach it under the neck on some. You can use fine black mesh to cover the eye holes if you want. Since our kids were little and we wanted them to be safe, we also cut mouth holes so they had better vision. Paint and add hair as needed. Linus’ hair is made from black pipe cleaners, Lucy’s hair is black yarn wrapped around paper towel tubes to keep its shape.


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