Coolest Snood Costume

Come on, who isn’t addicted to Snood?! I find myself sitting there for hours trying to beat my high score of this highly addicting game so I figured, why not bring it to life!

This costume was pretty easy to construct. I bought 3 yards of fabric then went on the computer and drew out a blueprint for it using Adobe Illustrator and built it to size so I knew exactly where to leave arm holes and cut the face hole. Depending on your height you will probably need to adjust the dimensions but the bottom was 40 inches wide, and the 2 sides were 48 inches tall. I wanted to keep the 2 dimensional feel so I only needed to cut 2 triangles out of the fabric.

After cutting and pinning to exact size, we sewed the 2 side seams with a sewing machine leaving holes on each side for my arms and left the bottom open. I bought several sheets of felt in the corresponding colors and iron on fabric bond and traced the face out of stencils I made in Illustrator and printed them out. We sewed in a soft viking helmet I had from last years costume with just a few stitches so it can be removed to reuse again if need be and that kept the costume in place on my head.

To keep the costume in the triangular form I had my dad get me a long flexible piece of plastic from his work that I sewed in the bottom of the front in a couple of places. Any sort of flexible rod or wire will suffice. I finished off the look by mixing red blue and white face paint to match the color of the fabric and voila! Snood!

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  1. Hi, there – I’m the author of Snood, and I was just tickled to see your costume. It looks great, and it looks like you really worked hard on it. Thanks for sharing it here!



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